We make your bank balance bigger.

Collect cash on-time by automating delivery of the right invoicing information to the right person at the right time.

We think there is a better way than email to connect with customers and stay ahead of your receivables.

It’s called connected accounting. Using the Cloud, connected accounting makes processing invoices and payments easy. Connected accounting empowers you to focus on customer relationships and credit management and frees you from the mundane processing of transactional emails in your inbox.

Join the automated AR revolution.


Our company is called Lockstep. As people, we’re accounting nerds. We enjoy solving complex accounting issues. We think there is a ton of room to make accounting processes more productive and fulfilling. And we want to build software that accounting professionals love to use – yes love to use.

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Anytime Collect

Anytime Collect is our first connected accounting solution. Designed specifically for accounts receivable, from past due to cost of credit, Anytime Collect increases all your collections KPIs with proactive, scalable customer engagement.

Anytime Collect Connect by Lockstep

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Our leadership brings years of experience in SaaS, accounting software, and product design.

Peter Horadan

Chief Executive Officer
previously Avalara, Concur, Scout Analytics, Microsoft

Bill Henslee

Chief Technology Officer
previously e2b Teknologies, Sage Software, Haitek Solutions

Matt Shanahan

Chief Commercial Officer
previously Globys, Azuqua, Scout Analytics, Documentum

Scot Madill

VP, Product and Customer Success
previously Winshuttle, QL2, Vykor