Get ahead of your receivables.

Collect cash on-time by targeting, prioritizing, and analyzing customer interactions.

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Scale your customer engagement.

  • Automate the mundane.
    Sequences automate interactions that guide customers from on-boarding through collections.
  • Handle every business rule.
    Sequence Rules trigger interactions based on a deep set of customer, aging, and predictive attributes.
  • Engage across any channel.
    Multichannel Outreach combines online access, email, texting and automated calling to reach customers when and where they’re most likely to respond.
  • Provide an integrated experience.
    Collections Consolidation aggregates accounts-receivables for multiple entities and multiple ERPs into one.

Clean out your inbox!

  • Make self-service access secure and easy.
    Magic Link Authentication lets your customers review statements and download invoices from a customer portal without having to enter a password.
  • Capture commitments.
    Promise-to-Pay records customers payment commitments and automates follow-up.
  • Accelerate dispute resolution.
    Smart Disputes provide line item annotation clarify the details of a dispute.
  • Get paid.
    Easy Pay is a one-click payment interaction and automated cash application to get your cash in the bank and on the books.
Clean out your inbox
Maximize your teams impact

Maximize your team’s impact.

  • Focus your team.
    Next Best Actions uses intelligence to prioritize a team member’s tasks and provide all relevant content.
  • Maximize productivity.
    Collector’s Cockpit™ provides contextual access to tasks, interactions, accounts, reports and other critical resources.
  • Make sure everything is covered.
    Assignment Rules get the right work to the right member of your team and can even re-route work when someone is out of the office.
  • Automate administrative tasks.
    Power Tools automates dialing and recording of conversations to save your team time and ensure compliance.

Optimize your performance.

  • Keep stakeholders up to date.
    Receivables Dashboard reports the status of your receivables.
  • Identify opportunities to improve.
    Receivables Analytics lets you get insights into your customers and operations.
  • Measure success.
    Goal Tracking reports month-to-date progress for both collections and tasks so objective attainment is easy shared.
  • Improve each team member.
    Coaching Analytics measures performance of individual collectors to provide data-driven coaching conversations.
Optimize your receivables performance

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